50x Gumby Gumby Capsules Tablet Gumbi Aboriginal Plant Pittosporum Angustifolum

50x Gumby Gumby Capsules Tablet Gumbi Aboriginal Plant Pittosporum Angustifolum

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Gumby Gumby (aka GumbyGumby) capsules made with 99.9% pure Pittosporum Angustifolium Plant milled powder.

Hand selected leaves and twigs of only mature healthy Gumby Gumby trees, cool dried out of direct sunlight and then cool milled to ensure it retains all 40 elements and maximum potency.

The Gumbi Gumbi Plant was used for over 50,000 thousand years by Aboriginal and Torress Straight Islanders for its alleged healing and therapeutic properties.


  • There is approximately 650mg of Gumby Gumby in each tablet
  • Made from Pittosporum Angustifolium tree
  • The size of each capsule is '00'
  • Capsules made out of vegetable cellulose
  • Comes in resealable bags

Package Includes:

Gumby Gumby Capsules in resealable bag.


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